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Get Quality E-cigs

Buy E-Cigarettes Online in Australia

Save money and reduce nicotine cravings with e-cigs

Electronic cigarettes are currently the most fashionable and hottest lifestyle gadget among people looking to reduce their smoking. Also known as vapour cigarettes, they are the latest buzz in the world of heavy nicotine users, and many companies are manufacturing e-cigs to fill the void in the market.  Smokers can typically save up to 80% of what they usually spend on smoking by buying electronic cigarettes. Enquire about e cigarette kits online and notice the difference it makes to your wallet!

Since the early 1970s, many new products have been introduced to help smokers ease their cravings for nicotine. Some have been effective; others not so helpful. E-cigarettes however are a very helpful alternative. You can buy e cigs online in Australia from E-Cigarette Direct Shop and make a positive change to your life.

How e-cigarettes work

When you buy electronic cigarettes online you’ll find that they vary in shape, colour, size and weight. They can look like biros, fountain pens, regular cigarettes or just be shiny and sleek devices. They work by heating nicotine or non-nicotine e-liquid (choose either flavoured or unflavoured nicotine); just enough to create a light steam mist. From a distance, the vapour from e-cigarettes looks like old-fashioned, regular cigarette smoke.

An e-cigarette lets out only water vapour without any of the additional possibly harmful components. You can also mix and match liquids to create your personal combinations.
Reusable e-cigs vary in size and shape as much as disposable ones - some are as small as normal cigarettes and others have very large batteries and clearomizers.

Buy electronic cigarettes online from E-cigarette Direct Shop and enjoy Australia wide delivery. For more information feel free to contact us today.